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Do you need to calculate reading time for your blog posts or articles? We’ve been using a simple formula for a long time to calculate the read time for our posts and articles.* It’s based on the generally understood statistic that most adults read at about 200 words per minute.

(The average reading rate is actually 238, according to this study, but 200 is a nice compromise and is easier to remember.)

Here’s the formula:

  1. Get your total word count (including the headline and subhead).
  2. Divide total word count by 200. The number before the decimal is your minutes.
  3. Take the decimal points and multiply that number by .60. That will give you your seconds.


783 words ÷ 200 = 3.915 (3 = 3 minutes)
.915 × .60 = .549 (a little over 54 seconds, so I’d bump it up to 60 seconds, or a full minute)
reading time for this example article is 4 minutes

It seems like reading time calculations go off and on trend, but we like to include them to give people a heads-up before they dive into a post or newsletter article. Hope this reading time formula helps you out!

*We found the original formula online, but I no longer remember where. If it might be yours, let us know.

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