We develop effective, well-crafted marketing tools for existing and prospective clients and customers. We can work with your existing branding or collaborate with you to develop a new brand identity that defines who you are, what you do, and why you're different.

We will bring consistency to your branding in all areas of your marketing, including business cards, letterhead, flyers, sellsheets, brochures, advertising, name tags, signs, and other marketing collateral.

In addition, we provide content marketing, social media marketing, online review management, and publicity services.

Let's work together.

Content Marketing

When you do content marketing, you are ahead of competitors who don't understand its value.

Content marketing is a marketing approach focused on consistently creating and distributing timely, relevant, and valuable content to a defined audience that, ultimately, drives them to a profitable action with your business. Content marketing develops trust in you and your brand, establishes your credibility, personalizes you, positions you as an expert, keeps you top-of-mind, and enhances your SEO. By consistently educating and entertaining your target market, you also develop brand loyalty.

Content marketing is effective long term, but it requires ongoing effort, consistency, and patience. We'll work with you to develop and improve your blog, identify relevant keywords and subjects, professionally copyedit your posts, find and create graphics, help with your SEO, and share your blog posts to social media. We will also provide content writing when needed.

In addition, we'll create lead magnets, ebooks, and other resources to help with lead generation.

If you host your website with us, time for content marketing updates can be included in your hosting plan at a discounted rate.

Social Media Management

Social media, despite the changes that we've come to expect from platforms, is a valuable addition to your marketing. We'll help you grow your social media following by developing and implementing posting schedules and campaigns (paid and organic) for your social media channels, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram, with recommended topics and times based on best practices.

Online Review Managment

Online reviews are highly influential in purchasing decisions (LINK to blog), online and in real life, and Google is the king of search engines. Google reviews level the playing field for your business by increasing trust in your brand and boosting online awareness and local SEO. If you aren't managing your Google My Business Listing and Google reviews, we can help. We'll review your listing and correct omissions and errors, create a link you can use to solicit reviews from clients and customers, and develop an email campaign to ask for reviews. We'll also manage the reviews you receive and help you respond to them.

Email Marketing

Email is one of the most efficient and effective tools for lead nurturing available to you, and your email list is an important marketing asset. We will help you move your leads through your sales funnel by developing email campaigns for your target audience, including automated drip campaigns.


The news media in your market or industry and regional/local media are key to helping you educate your market and develop brand awareness. We'll write your news release, incorporate product photos, company headshots, or brand images, and distribute the release to selected news media. 

Marketing is important. Infusionmedia can help.