We’re excited to introduce print-on-demand newspapers at Infusionmedia. You can print as few as one copy to 10,000 copies. This is the first time we’ve been able to help you design, typeset, and print newspapers in very short runs, just like we can do with books.

The papers are in three formats—mini, tabloid, and broadsheet. But these aren’t your ordinary newspaper sizes. They’re based on the metric system with unique sheet sizes that makes them stand out:

Mini — 180 mm × 260 mm (7.087 in × 10.24 in)
Tabloid — 289 mm × 380 mm (11.38 in × 14.96 in)
Broadsheet — 350 mm × 500 mm (13.78 in × 19.69 in)

Delivery is fast, usually within seven business days.

The mini size is stapled and trimmed for a professional look. The tabloid size is just different enough from the normal tabloid to attract attention. The broadsheet has big pages for authority and impact.

All three sizes are available in digital or traditional offset printing, depending on the print run. The print quality is high, the colors are rich, and there are several paper options to choose from for your project.

Why Newspapers?

Newspapers are effective for small and indie publishing, and they make it easier to read long-form articles.

We can help you design and print personalized newspapers—such as printing a collection of blog posts or online journal articles. Despite the onslaught of web publishing and social media, readers still enjoy the tactile nature of reading in print, and there is an enduring affection for newspapers and newsprint. As we move into a digital world, there seems to be a focus on creating high-quality printed products that last—and a POD newspaper fits into that nicely.

But you can go well beyond the concept of a newspaper with POD printing.

The mini and tabloid are great for zines, catalogs, comics, and newsletters, even programs and posters. Another unique use? Sharing wedding photos with guests. Schools can use short runs to publish student work in newspapers they can then share with prospective parents. Or you can explore uses for promotional pieces like portfolios, case studies, workbooks, sales pamphlets, and marketing brochures.

Need some inspiration?

—A band in the UK designs newsprint posters that have a code to download their music, which they started making when it became too costly to produce vinyl records.

—A photographer developed a photography portfolio inspired by a Wagner opera.

—A museum did a catalog for an exhibition of historic shoes.

—A book publisher created a newspaper to promote a new short story collection. The paper was named after the book’s fictional town and included two short stories from the book.

We have a deep history with newspaper design and production at Infusionmedia. Let us help you design, typeset, and print your next newspaper project.

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