Finding Hope was created to accompany grief kits provided by Mourning Hope Grief Center in Lincoln, Nebraska, to public and parochial school libraries. The grief kits help young children cope with the loss of a parent or other close loved one.

The book tells the story of Hope, a young girl who is grieving over the death of her mother. Hope’s father takes her to a grief center, where she is able to share her feelings, not feel as alone, and find happiness in the memory of her mother. Words and phrases in the book are based on actual comments made by children in Mourning Hope support groups.

Developed in partnership with Swanson Russell, a marketing communications agency in Lincoln, the book was written by writer/producer Jon Lundeen and illustrated by graphic designer Dan Dunbar. The 8 × 10-inch books were produced on an offset press.

Mourning Hope | Swanson Russell

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