The History of the Welsh in Minnesota, Foreston and Lime Springs, Iowa is the first English translation of the Welsh portion of the book Hanes Cymry Minnesota, Foreston a Lime Springs, Ia., originally published in 1895. This English translation is indexed and includes every photograph from the original book. For over a century, the Welsh part of the original book was unreadable by most Welsh Americans, and over time it was assumed that the Welsh section had the same material as the English. But the Welsh account is in fact unique—fresh stories told firsthand by scores of Old Settlers, along with settlement and chapel histories. Published in collaboration with the Great Plains Welsh Heritage Project in Wymore, Nebraska, this book, with the Welsh translation by Martha Davies, is an important addition to the history of the Welsh in North America.

This was by far one of the more challenging book projects we’ve done, given a complex and lengthy index, well over a hundred photographs to edit and place, and the light touch needed to copyedit the translation.

A prepublication copy of the book, minus the index, was produced as a 368-page 6 × 9 print-on-demand paperback. The published version that included the index was produced as a 408-page 6 × 9 offset press paperback.

Great Plains Welsh Heritage Project

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