Big Jim Exon: A Political Biography is an extensive political biography of J. James Exon, the physically tall and imposing thirty-third Nebraska governor who went on to serve as US senator for eighteen years after his governorship and who never lost an election. Chuck Pallesen and Sam Van Pelt were co-authors, and we worked with both of them intensely; regretfully, Chuck passed away before the book was published. Much of the book was developed from interviews with those who knew and worked with Exon, and many of the chapters included endnotes, which required special typesetting. An e-commerce website was developed for the book,, with the idea that in the future it could be expanded to become a resource on Jim Exon; unfortunately, the website will soon be taken offline. The book was produced on an offset press as a stamped cloth-bound hardcover with dust jacket. An ebook version was also developed. Final page count was 584—bigger than our usual project, just like Jim.

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