It’s not hard to find people who think blogging is a waste of time. It’s 2019, for gosh sakes, they say. We have so many other ways to reach our audience with compelling content.

It’s true. There are many other ways to reach your audience. It’s also true that it’s good to have a mix of different content available and that you should go beyond blogging to do so. But blogging is still the base of your content marketing efforts.

Let’s take a look at some recent statistics. I know, stats are boring, but I think you might find one or more of these eye-opening.

  • 71 percent of B2B buyers say they read blog content during the buying process. (2018 Content Preferences Survey Report)
  • Blog articles were rated as the most effective content format in the awareness stage by B2B marketers in 2018. (B2B Content Marketing 2019)
  • 45 percent of marketers state that blogging is the most important component of their content strategy. (SEO Tribunal)
    And then what really blew my mind:
  • Websites that maintain a blog have 434 percent more search engine-indexed pages than those that don’t. (SEO Tribunal)

Your blog is serious business.

No matter what new algorithm Google throws at us, your website’s blog and the quality content on it is the base from which all other good content marketing results spring.

You know that saying about planting a tree? The best time to start a blog was 20 years ago. The second-best time to start a blog is now.

How Your Blog Attracts Better Clients

Besides the search engine ranking and the page indexing, there’s another benefit to blogging. It helps attract the clients you want to work with.

The clients you want to work with will do their research. They’ll read your blog posts. They’ll examine your automated messages. They’ll enjoy the personality of your writing and your brand. Sure, they have to find your website first, but once they find it, they’ll get in sync with you and your mission. They know your business is the one they want to work with to solve their problem. And you both will enjoy the subsequent relationship because you are a mutual fit.

We have met some of our best friends and allies through our blog and website, and you surely will do the same.

If you know someone who would like to start a business blog, have them talk to us.

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