Marion Devoe spent 40 years working his way up from poverty and family turmoil in Savannah, Georgia, overcoming his own doubts and fears as well as persistent racism. His new book, published with Infusionmedia, is titled Never Give Up. It depicts his life story, especially his relentless work ethic and the impressive resilience that enabled him to go from a Vietnam War draftee with PTSD to the first Black chief operations officer at the White House.

Along the way, he got an MBA, ran a janitorial business, taught high school, got married to the love of his life, and had kids with their own successful careers.

Devoe writes, “Happiness and success don’t happen overnight. Your results are driven by your commitment to the power of a natural endowment—your Gift inherited at birth—and to never giving up. Don’t give up until you are living your life’s dreams.”

No doubt this is a motivational and inspirational book, but it also doesn’t shy away from reality. The challenges and obstacles that Devoe overcame throughout his life are still with us, especially for people of color.

Doug Wead, adviser to two American presidents and New York Times bestselling author, writes of the book, “Marion rose from poverty to working in the White House. His resilience and persistence are an inspiration to anyone willing to listen and learn. This is a powerful story.”

Infusionmedia designed the 154-page book using the typefaces GT Super and Founders Grotesk Text, and the book was printed on high-resolution print-on-demand as a hardcover with dust jacket. The first print run is out, and copies are available through and other retailers.

About the Author

Marion Devoe, MBA, EMCM, is a realist who lives and deals with life just as it is and who Never Gives Up. Devoe most recently was director of campus operations at Northern Virginia Community College at the Springfield campus for eight years and previously was chief operations officer at the White House. He was inspired to write his life story because he feels that by sharing it with others, it will help inspire them to be all that they can be in life.

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